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The Hope Fault

Author: Tracy Farr
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ISBN: 9781925164404
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Fiction, Modern & Contemporary Fiction,


Iris's family - her ex-husband with his new wife and baby; her son, and her best friend's daughter - gather to pack up their holiday house. They are there for one last time, one last weekend, and one last party - but in the course of this weekend, their connections will be affirmed, and their frailties and secrets revealed - to the reader at least, if not to each other. The Hope Fault is a novel about extended family- about steps and exes and fairy godmothers; about parents and partners who are missing, and the people who replace them. Read More

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The new novel by WA author TRACY FARR is a celebration of an ‘extended, messy, non-linear family’ and the complex relationships that stitch us together. She shares the inspiration for The Hope Fault with MAUREEN EPPEN. Read on >

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