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Scoundrel Days: A Memoir

Author: Brentley Frazer
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ISBN: 9780702259562
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In Scoundrel Days Brentley Frazer tells the story of his youth - wild, disillusioned, impassioned and desolate. Born into a Christian cult in outback Queensland, Frazer escapes through literature and poetry, drugs and violence, sex and alcohol; and his ensuing rejection of religion, authority and the 'way things are' leads to adventures, desperation and, just possibly, redemption. Beautifully written and urgently told, Scoundrel Days is a visceral, compelling assault on the senses. An at times brutal story articulated with a poet's sensibility, it portrays a walker of edges exploring the dark side while searching for the love essential to build a soul. Read More

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Scoundrel Days by Brentley Frazer This is Generation X writing – excessive, angry, sometimes tedious, anarchic and revealing. Read on >

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