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Pip Harry

You’ve probably read a number of poems but have you read a novel in verse? They are just as much fun as reading a poem. Pip Harry’s new book is her first novel in verse. So slap on your sunscreen and pop on your hat for a trip to the beach. Pure poetry!


The Little Wave by Pip Harry




The Little Wave

Pip Harry

When a Manly school sets out to bring a country class to the city for a beach visit, three very different kids find each other and themselves.

Noah is fearless in the surf. Being at the beach makes him feel free. So where does his courage go when his best mate pushes him around?

Lottie loves collecting facts about bugs, but she wishes her dad would stop filling their lonely house with junk. She doesn’t know what to do about it.

Jack wants to be a cricket star, but first he has to get to school and look after his little sister. Especially if he wants to go on the class trip and see the ocean for the first time.

Published by UQP


Pip Harry



What is a novel in verse?
It’s a novel that’s told in verse poetry, rather than prose. It usually has the rhythm and imagery of poetry, but also the character development and story structure of a novel.

Do you have any tips for those reading in verse?
Enjoy the way the story is told in short, poetic bursts! It might seem strange at first, but you’ll get used to the layout. The words are free to leap all over the page, so authors have lots of fun with how they tell their story.

What inspired you to write a novel in verse?
Verse novels have tons of energy and imagination. I really love them! I especially like verse novels by authors Steven Herrick, Kat Apel and Sarah Crossan. They inspired me to try verse, and I’m so glad I did.

What inspired the story for Little Wave?
The story was inspired by a trip I took to the beach one day. I happened to bump into a group of kids from the country, who were visiting the beach for the first time. They were so excited and happy to swim and build sandcastles – I thought it would be fun to write about some kids from a school in the bush, who decide to come to the beach in the city.

Do you think you will write another verse novel?
Yes! It’s such a fun way to tell a story, and I like that I can cut back all the extra words, so I’m just left with the heart of the story.

Can you tell us three of your favourite books we should read?
Melody Trumpet by Gabrielle Tozer; Everything I’ve Never Said by Samantha Wheeler; and The Elephant by Peter Carnavas.