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Lily and the Octopus

Author: Steven Rowley
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ISBN: 9781471146640
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Modern & Contemporary Fiction,


Companions come in all shapes and sizes.Companionship lasts forever. Lily and the Octopus is a novel about finding that special someone to share your life with.For Ted Flask, that someone is Lily, and she happens to be a do... Read More

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On Thursdays, 42-year-old Ted and his dog Lily talk about boys they think are cute. Ted fawns over Ryan Gosling and Lily scandalously suggests Chris Pratt. Friday is therapy day. Ted endures an hour in an overlit office and craves cookies while Jenny, the feckless therapist, tries to achieve insights into why he and Jeffrey, his partner of six years, split up. Read on > - Angus Dalton

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