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Deepfakes, Dark kitchens, and Big Dick Energy: Macquarie Dictionary announces Word of the Year

Deepfakes, Dark kitchens, and Big Dick Energy: Macquarie Dictionary announces Word of the Year

The etymology boffins at the Macquarie Dictionary have, once again, trawled through the list of new words added to the dictionary in 2018 and selected the term or phrase that most accurately ‘represents the year gone by’.

Last year their Word of the Year was milkshake duck, and the year before it was fake news.

For 2018, from a long list of quirky neologisms spawned and spread by social media, Macquarie’s Word of the Year is Me Too.

The phrase swept into global consciousness through the hashtag movement that sparked a reckoning for perpetrators of sexual harassment and assault throughout the entertainment industry and beyond. Although the phrase became popular in 2017, the committee behind the decision says the term’s long-lasting impact and widespread usage in 2018 made it a clear winner. 

‘While the Me Too movement took off in 2017 with #MeToo, it has definitely maintained its momentum, and in 2018 it started to spread its linguistic wings beyond the hashtag and the name of the movement, answering an obvious need in the discourse surrounding this social upheaval,’ the committee said.

‘So, the fact that Me Too is now being used as a verb and as an adjective, combined with the undeniable significance of the movement, made the Committee’s choice for Word of the Year 2018 a fairly straightforward decision.’

Honourable mentions went to BDE, or Big Dick Energy, a synonym for ‘easy confidence’ that came into popularity following the death of food writer Anthony Bourdain, who apparently exemplified the phrase. BDE was also famously used to describe popstar Ariana Grande’s ex-beau, Pete Davidson. 

A more troubling shortlistee is the term deepfake, which refers to AI technology that can produce increasingly accurate fake videos of people, usually politicians or celebrities. 

Also making the shortlist is the phrase single-use, as the anti-plastic movement gathers momentum, and dark kitchen, which refers to a commercial kitchen that only services food delivery apps and is not attached to an actual restaurant.

See the rest of the shortlist here, and cast your vote in the People’s Choice Award!