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Upcoming book releases

Upcoming book releases

Later this year, many highly anticipated books will be released. 

Here at gr we’re excited that a new Geraldine Brooks will be published in July.  Horse is a multi-stranded narrative reminiscent of People of the Book and a gripping reckoning with the legacy of enslavement and racism in America. 

Kate Atkinson’s new book, Shrines of Gaiety will be released later this year. The book is set in 1926 London. It follows the story of mother of six, Nellie Coker, who is a Chelsea nightlife impresario. The publisher says the book is ‘thrillingly dark and labyrinthine tale of London in the aftermath of the Great War, as hedonism replaces sacrifice and duty’.

Also later this year, A Private Spy: The letters of John le Carré 1945-2020, will be published. The book has been put together by the late author’s son, from le Carré’s collection of correspondence from friends, family and the famous.