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Unbeatable Bluey: A success story

Unbeatable Bluey: A success story

It’s been a great week for Australia’s favourite fictional blue heeler, with Bluey: The Beach winning the ABIA Book of the Year Award, and now Bluey: The Creek climbing the bestseller lists in Australia. 

The latter is potentially inspired by the former, with the ABIA win being particularly significant. Bluey: The Beach was the first children’s book to ever be given the top prize at the Industry Awards. It joined critically-acclaimed titles such as Trent Dalton’s Boy Swallows Universe and Jane Harper’s The Dry.

The success of Bluey is hardly surprising, with many Australians coming to love the blue heeler and her sister, Bingo, as they embark on adventures in their community in Brisbane – all of which take place in seven-minute episodes.

Having only launched in October last year, the series is the most downloaded show on ABC iView, and also dominates the iTunes charts.

After an initial 26-episode run last year, ‘Bluey’ returned in March for a 52-episode season that would feature many guest voice appearances from the likes of comedian Hamish Blake, author Zoe Foster-Blake, performer Anthony Field (better known as the Blue Wiggle!), radio personality Myf Warhurst, musician Megan Washington, and award-winning surfer Layne Beachley.

The season is also beginning to incorporate real-world issues, with one episode representing a Jack Russell pup who has an attention deficit disorder.

A preview scene from this episode was released online, leading one parent to comment that she would ‘have two girls who feel very included and normalised thanks to this episode. Can’t wait.’

The ‘Bluey’book series was launched secondary to the show in November of 2019, with Penguin at the helm. The first titles, Bluey: The Beach and Bluey: Fruit Bat saw great success, and were released alongside a popular sticker activity book.

Bluey: The Creek, a new release, became available at the end of April 2020, and is already sitting at third on the Australian bestseller lists.

We can’t wait to see where this iconic homegrown series goes next! Check the links below to buy or borrow Bluey: The Creek.