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Top 10 GR Podcasts of 2020

Top 10 GR Podcasts of 2020

While 2020 has been a bit of a stinker in a lot of ways, one way it wasn't was our podcasts. We put out over forty podcasts this year, the most since we started doing them back in 2018!

Below you'll find a list of our most listened podcasts in 2020 - which one was your fave?




 Lucy Worsley on a lifetime of loving Jane Austen | The Austen Girls 

Emily Clements on sex, self and travel in The Lotus Eaters

'He would wake up screaming': Ariana Neumann on uncovering her father's past in When Time Stopped

Genevieve Gannon on the real case of an IVF mixup that inspired her family drama The Mothers

Pip Williams on missing words and forgotten women in The Dictionary of Lost Words

Greg James & Chris Smith on the exciting finale of the 'Kid Normal' series | Kid Normal and the Final Five

Lauren Chater on telling the untold story of a classic in Gulliver's Wife

Andrew Boe on Australia's flawed justice system in The Truth Hurts

Jess Scully on how a better world is possible in Glimpses of Utopia

Kate Mildenhall talks dystopia, motherhood & the sailing trip of a lifetime in The Mother Fault