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Tom Keneally announces latest book, 'Corporal Hitler's Pistol'

Tom Keneally announces latest book, 'Corporal Hitler's Pistol'

Beloved Australian historical fiction author Tom Keneally has announced his latest book, Corporal Hitler's Pistol, to be published in September via Penguin Random House.

Since publishing his debut in 1964, Tom Keneally has penned a considerable number of novels and non-fiction books, including Schindler's List and The People's Train. He's been awarded the Miles Franklin award and the Booker Prize, among many other accolades.

Corporal Hitler's Pistol is a compelling story of the relationships between black and white in early twentieth-century Australia, centered around the myth of the Luger pistol then-Corporal Adolf Hitler took into World War I - the 'war to end all wars'. Hear Tom talk about the novel below:

 The book releases September 1st, and preorders are available now.