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Tim Winton is set to write and narrate a series on the Ningaloo Coast

7/02/2022 11:08 PM
Tim Winton is set to write and narrate a series on the Ningaloo Coast

Love Nature and the ABC have commissioned author and conservationist Tim Winton to write and narrate a three-part docuseries on the Ningaloo Coast in Western Australia.

The series will explore the areas biodiversity, history and indigenous cultural history and knowledge to help inform its audience about conservation.

According to Winton, ‘Ningaloo has had an enormous impact on my life and work, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pay homage through new science, ancient knowledge and a shared ethic of stewardship.’

The series will be directed and co-written by Pete Rees who will also act as an executive producer alongside Celia Tait and James Manfull, and the series will run on Love Nature’s global streaming platforms, the ABC and on Sky Nature in the UK, Germany, and Italy later in 2022.

The global general manager of Love Nature, Caryln Staudt said, ‘Ningaloo with Tim Winton is an important Australian story that will unlock access to one of the last unspoiled landscapes remaining on the planet, while also creating an emotional audience connection to the Ningaloo Coast’s wildlife and indigenous culture’.