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Tim Ayliffe's bestselling books are set for a screen adaptation

13/02/2021 8:22 AM
Tim Ayliffe's bestselling books are set for a screen adaptation

Tim Ayliffe’s popular John Bailey crime thriller series, The Greater Good, State of Fear and The Enemy Within, are set for a screen adaptation by CJZ Productions.

Tim Ayliffe has been a journalist for over 20 years and is the Managing Editor of Television and Video for ABC News and the former Executive Producer of News Breakfast. In 2018 he began his foray into crime writing and released The Greater Good, the first book in a three-book series featuring John Bailey.

In response to the news, Tim Ayliffe said: ‘I'm so excited to be working with Matt, Claire and the fantastic team at CJZ. It has been clear from the get-go that we have a great creative alignment. Australia has never been more connected to the big issues challenging the world right now - the US-China power struggle, terrorism, the rise of far-right nationalism and the threat of white supremacists. Now is the perfect time for these global thrillers to be told from the streets of Sydney. This is going to be fun.’

CJZ is Australia’s largest independently owned production company and produces content across all genres. Its CEO Matt Campbell said: ‘I was given Tim’s latest book (The Enemy Within) to read during a recent holiday by my mother. I was so impressed I downloaded the first two on my kindle and basically did a binge reading session. Very quickly I knew we needed to option these books for the screen and to be honest, I thought I was probably late to the party… but here we are! John Bailey is a fabulous character surrounded by a team of other great characters. It’s a casting agents dream. There is no question Tim’s stories have world appeal and we can’t wait to get started.’

Check out our podcast with Tim Ayliffe here - where we discuss his latest book The Enemy Within, the alt-right movement, politics and the pressures on investigative journalism in a world where opinion often triumphs over truth.