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Tony Birch's 'The White Girl' is getting a movie

Tony Birch's 'The White Girl' is getting a movie

Tony Birch's most recent novel The White Girl, last year shortlisted for the Miles Franklin award, has been optioned for feature film by Typecast Entertainment. 

The adaptation is one of six Australian projects chosen as part of Attagirl, a development lab for feature films by female, trans and gender nonconforming teams. Damienne Pradier (of Typecast Entertainment) is producing, and Tony Briggs is co-writing, while Tracey Rigney is directing and co-writing. Briggs and Rigney are also developing a version of The White Girl for theatre. 

The novel follows Odette Brown, who is raising her granddaughter under the radar of authorities who are removing Aboriginal children from their communities. When a new seargent arrives in town, Odette has to fight to keep her granddaughter where she belongs. 

Author Tony Birch said of the upcoming adaptation, 

‘I’m so happy that The White Girl is being developed by Typecast. I know Tony Briggs and Damienne Pradier personally and professionally and I have absolute trust in their ability to bring this story to stage and screen with care. Tracey Rigney, who works as both a screenwriter and director, is a remarkable talent. It will be a privilege to collaborate with her.’

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