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The Luminaries adapted for the small screen

The Luminaries adapted for the small screen

Popular 2013 novel, The Luminaries, has been adapted into a six-part miniseries, filmed in New Zealand, and soon to be released in Australia.

Lead produced by Working Title Television and collaborating with Fremantle and TVNZ, the period thriller has closed pre-sales to a number of countries, including Australia. 

The miniseries adapts Eleanor Catton's 800-page novel, which won the Man Booker Prize in 2013.

Catton, 27 at the time, became the youngest ever winner of the Prize.

The novel is set during the 1860s gold rush on New Zealand's West Coast. It was famed for a number of aspects; one of these being the way it plays with traditional Victorian novel conventions to cross between romance, crime and melodrama.

It was received very well critically, with many recognising Catton's vision of a novel that celebrated the joy of reading.

The book, and now the series, follows Anna Wetherall, who falls in love with stranger Emery Staines on the boat from England to her new home in New Zealand.

After arriving, she falls into the care of Madame Lydia Wells, a deceitful woman who swindles and drugs Anna, and follows to set her up as a prostitute.

Her schemes conspire to keep Emery and Anna apart. Soon enough, she is charged with murder, and he is missing.

Catton spoke to Variety about the process of transforming her epic novel into something that could come across visually on television.

She insisted they film on the west coast of New Zealand, which brings a local quality to the upcoming show - bringing all the more excitement.

You should be able to watch The Luminaries very soon, and the book is available to buy here in the meantime.