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Salman Rushdie plans to serialise a novella on Substack

Salman Rushdie plans to serialise a novella on Substack

According to Publishers Weekly, acclaimed author Salman Rushdie is set to serialise his next book The Seventh Wave on a newsletter platform called Substack.

His newsletter is called Salman’s Sea of Stories - a reference to his 1990 novel Haroun and the Sea of Stories - where he will publish more of his new works such as short stories and essays.  

Rushdie shared with the Guardian that The Seventh Wave is 35,000 words and is about a “film director and an actor slash muse written in the style of New Wave cinema.”

According to his webpage most of his work will be accessible for free, however you will need to become a paid subscriber to access additional works.

In his webpage introduction he stated that ‘The point of doing this is to have a closer relationship with readers, to speak freely, without any intermediaries or gatekeepers. There’s just us here, just you and me, and we can take this wherever it goes. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride. I’ll try to make it fun.’

Check out the newsletter here.