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R A Spratt reveals process behind new Friday Barnes book cover

R A Spratt reveals process behind new Friday Barnes book cover

Author R A Spratt has revealed the process behind the cover of her latest book in the popular Friday Barnes series, Friday Barnes 10: Undercover, which follows young detective Friday as she solves a mystery in Norway.

According to Spratt the iconic pose in Edvard Munch’s artwork The Scream, was the main source of inspiration for this cover. On the cover Friday mimics this pose to ultimately illustrate her overwhelming feelings of being amongst nature in Norway and of having to solve another mystery.

‘I needed a cover that was a close-up of Friday’s face,’ Spratt says.

‘I thought, the book is set in Norway and The Scream is from Oslo.’

The Scream captured the same themes she wanted to express in the latest story.

‘In The Scream, he is standing on a bridge and it is as if he emotionally heard the scream of nature at sunset,’ she says.

‘It’s about being overwhelmed by life and nature and the scream of existence. Friday is dealing with a lot of stuff in this book and it gets pretty intense. She goes to Norway; the nature is overwhelming — she’s in an arctic climate with polar bears, so there is a lot to scream about.’

Every cover in the Friday Barnes series has a close-up of the young detective’s face to express the mystery and challenges within each book.

‘We always try to come up with something physically dynamic,’ Spratt says.