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Nina Funnell and HarperCollins to release book about #LetHerSpeak campaign

Nina Funnell and HarperCollins to release book about #LetHerSpeak campaign

This week HarperCollins announced they had acquired journalist Nina Funnell's debut book #LetHerSpeak, about the titular campaign against victim gag-laws that silences victims of sexual assault.

A survivor herself, Nina Funnell spearheaded the #LetHerSpeak and #LetUsSpeak, which produced sweeping law reforms in Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. It also brought the case of Grace Tame to national recognition.

Funnell's book will give personal insight into the process of the movement, as well as look at the many barriers survivors still face to bring offenders to justice.

Funnell said of the novel, 'This is a book about power, violence and the politics of finding one’s voice [...] It’s a book about change – and the price we are willing to pay to achieve it.'

HarperCollins publishersaid the book will, 'inspire, infuriate, and ignite action as it challenges Australia’s rape culture and the toxic and powerful elements which conspire to protect it.'

Nina Funnell's debut book will be published by HarperCollins sometime in 2022, yet to be announced.