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Microsoft's e-book library is shutting down

Microsoft's e-book library is shutting down

This month Microsoft began shutting down its e-book service. This shutdown will effectively erase all content purchased through the e-bookstore, refunding every book ever bought through the system. 

The closure comes barely two years after the servivce first launched in 2017, to compete with Amazon, Barns & Noble and Apple. It means that books will no longer be able to purchased on the store, and any books that were previously purchased will effectively disappear, unable to be read again. 

Microsoft is able to do this thanks to a little thing called DRM, or Digital Rights Management. It's a copyright saving and piracy prevention tool that reigns over digital mediums from video games and films to music and audiobooks. Simply put, when you buy a song on iTunes, or an eBook from the Kindle store, you're effectively 'renting' that product - if the store shuts down, the company has every right to prevent you from using that product again, although you can be refunded for it. 

With the closure of Microsoft's store effectively deleting these books from existance, it's a grim reminder that you don't really own anything in today's digital landscape.