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Luster is set for a screen adaptation

13/02/2021 7:35 AM
Luster is set for a screen adaptation

Raven Leilani’s best-selling debut novel, Luster, is set for an HBO series adaptation.

The novel follows Edie, a young black artist living in New York City as she begins a relationship with an older white man in an open marriage. When Edie moves in with the couple and their adopted black daughter in the suburbs, their relationship becomes increasingly tense.

According to a Deadline report, actress Tessa Thompson’s production company, Viva Maude, has partnered with the film studio, Gaumont to develop the series.

It is still unclear if Thomspon will star in the show itself, but in a statement, she said: “Luster marks the daring debut by Raven Leilani, a seminal voice for her generation. In her work, which defies categorization, there is an astonishingly singular quality that speaks to spirit of the types of narratives Viva Maude aims to showcase — bold, beautifully crafted, unapologetically human, imaginative and unconventional — it is thrilling to be teamed with Gaumont and the stunning talents of Jackie Sibblies Drury and Lileana Blain-Cruz to develop this story at HBO, the perfect home.”