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Love Your Bookshop Day is almost here!

Love Your Bookshop Day is almost here!

Love Your Book Shop Day celebrates Australia’s unique community of bookshops and readers and brings together people of all ages and places.

Over the past year people have been unable to visit bookshops across the country due to lockdowns and restrictions. That’s why this year’s celebrations will take place online on October 9, to bring book loving communities together in spite of restrictions.

The celebrations will allow people to throw their support behind local bookstores via social media or through supporting online engagements with authors and booksellers.

Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb will be among those celebrating on the day, hosting a podcast episode of The Chat 10 Looks 3 discussing bookshops!

The event is held annually and is organised by the Australian Booksellers Association. Robbie Egan, CEO of ABA says, “Books and reading have been a lifeline for so many people over the last year as we’ve sought both entertainment and quality information from our local bookshops...Wherever you are, locked down or free to roam, we need books and bookshops more than ever. So let’s celebrate, together and apart, and make some noise about Australia’s incredible, unparalleled network of bookshops.”

For more information about how to get involved please visit their website here.