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Kate Grenville releases her new book

Kate Grenville releases her new book

Celebrated Australian author, Kate Grenville, has released her latest novel today, A Room Made of Leaveswith Text Publishing.

The novel focuses on the 'secret memoir' of Australian historical figure, Elizabeth Macarthur, who was the wife of John Macarthur, a wool baron who lived and worked in the earliest days of Sydney.

Following her marriage to a ruthless bully, and the search for power in a society where women were still second-class citizens, A Room Made of Leaves gives us insight into what one of the externally demure women of Australian history might have been really thinking.

Grenville has said the idea for the book was sparked nearly twenty years ago, while researching for her previous novel, The Secret River

While she found Macarthur's correspondence particularly bland, she began to wonder what the woman was really thinking as she lived within a 'new, raw, violent, hungry penal colony'.

It was a less-than-bland line that Macarthur wrote about William Dawes, the colony's resident astronomer, that sparked the story within A Room Made of Leaves.

The novel has already received great praise, with Claire Wright calling Grenville 'a literary alchemist, turning the leaden shadow of the historical Elizabeth Macarthur into a luminescent, golden woman for our times.'

Grenville is a highly accomplished writer, having published an array of books across her career. Her 2005 historical novel, The Secret River, won a number of awards, including Book of the Year and Literary Fiction Book of the Year in the 2006 Australian Book Industry Awards.

It was also shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Award and the Man Booker Prize.