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Bestselling thriller writer John le Carré has passed away aged 89

Bestselling thriller writer John le Carré has passed away aged 89

Prestigious English thriller author John le Carré (born David Cornwell) has passed away aged 89, his agent and family confirmed today.

In a statement, his family said the  author passed on Saturday night after a battle with pneumonia.

le Carré best best known for his Cold War spy thrillers Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, the latter of which rocketed the author to international acclam when it was published in 1963.

le Carré drew inspiration from his work with the British Foreign Service as an intelligence officer, where he oversaw the spies behind the Iron Curtain, the division of Europe post World War II. le Carré took a cue from fellow MI5-agent-turned-writer John Bingham to begin writing his own thrillers, which began with Call For the Dead in 1961. His debut was the first of many novels featurng George Smiley, the enigmatic career intelligence officer with 'The Circus', whom le Carré reportedly created as a deliberate foil to James Bond. Smiley featured in 9 of le Carré's novels, the last being A Legacy of Spies in 2017.

John le Carré is survived by his four sons, one of which is author Nick Harkaway, and his wife Jane.