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Groundbreaking investigation into domestic violence wins 2020 Stella Prize

6/01/2020 5:59 PM
Groundbreaking investigation into domestic violence wins 2020 Stella Prize

Jess Hill’s ground-breaking investigative book, See What You Made Me Do, has won the
$50 000 Stella Prize for Australian women’s writing.

The winner of the 2020 Stella Prize was announced last night via digital format for the first time ever. The event was hosted by the ABC’s Patrician Karvelas, and featured an address from ex-Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

See What You Made Me Do opened up new ground in the public understanding of domestic abuse across Australia, pointing debate towards how to solve the issues associated with such a huge and complicated social problem.

The book takes a focus on domestic violence, and specifically why abusers choose to behave in violent and controlling ways towards their partners.

 ‘Jess Hill is a journalist whose clarity of expression and thought are of the highest order,’ said Louise Swinn, the Chair of the 2020 Judging Panel.

‘What she has done with her incredibly powerful book, See What You Made Me Do, is meticulously dismantle all of the lazy old lies we associate with domestic abuse.’

‘Using forensic investigation, and highlighting personal stories, this book does much more than draw attention to this crisis – it offers solutions for reform. The statistics are utterly horrifying, and Hill’s extraordinary call to action cannot be ignored,’ Swinn also said.

Jess Hill has had a long career in journalism, and has been writing and reporting on domestic violence since 2014.

This work has led to two Walkley Awards, three Our Watch awards, and one Amnesty International award.

Regarding her win, Hill said ‘This book has taught me so much about life, love and power – it is not a book about other people, it is a book about all of us, and the world we live in.’

‘To all the victim-survivors out there, I hope you feel that this is a win for you, too. I couldn’t have written the book without your expertise and courage,’ she said.

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