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Author Jane Caro considering challenging Tony Abbott for the seat of Warringah

Author Jane Caro considering challenging Tony Abbott for the seat of Warringah

Writer and commentator Jane Caro is seriously considering challenging Tony Abbott in the seat of Warringah after the probable triumph of independent Kerryn Phelps in the Wentworth by-election last Saturday. 

What started as a ‘flippant tweet’ posted by Caro asking if anyone would be interested in her running as a candidate in the Northern Beaches seat rapidly snowballed into thousands of retweets and messages of support.

Caro has since said that she is looking into renouncing her British citizenship so she can run for Parliament.

‘I may not win,’ she tweeted on Saturday night. ‘Not the point. I feel duty bound to do what I can to stop the climate deniers & the far right destroy by grandchildren’s future. If I could help I ought to at least try.’

Caro is the author of several non-fiction books, including the 2015 memoir Plain-Speaking Jane, and has written a trilogy of young adult historical novels about Queen Elizabeth I. She also recently edited the anthology Unbreakable: Women share stories of resilience and hope.

The electorate of Warringah has always been held by the Liberal Party, and the seat was won by Tony Abbott in 1994.

But what was once a secure blue-ribbon seat in Wentworth was lost spectacularly over the weekend after a huge swing against the government. The fall of Wentworth has galvanised independent candidates to challenge other seats long-held by major parties.

Caro has said she would focus on climate change policy, public education, transport, support for public broadcasting, and an end to offshore detention centres should she decide to campaign. 

Her latest book, Just Flesh and Blood, is out now.