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Holly Throsby's Goodwood is getting a TV adaption

Holly Throsby's Goodwood is getting a TV adaption

The ABC alongside ABC Studios International have announced they are adapting Holly Throsby's debut novel Goodwood into a television series.

Alison Bell and Sarah Scheller (of 'The Letdown') are set to write, as their first foray into hour-long drama. On board to produce are Alice Bell ('The Expatriates') and Imogen Banks ('Puberty Blues', 'Offspring', 'The Beautiful Lie'). 

Equal parts a mystery, coming-of-age and a love story, Goodwood depicts the troubles faced by a small town when two of its residents go missing. On the upcoming adaption, Author Holly Throsby said,

"One of the central themes of Goodwood is the relationships between people, especially between strong women. It is so fitting, and an absolute dream for me, to have such an incredible group of women in charge of bringing my book to life on screen.”

Further details are set to come later in the year. In the meantime, check out a 5-star review of Goodwood written by one of our talented contributors!