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Heather Morris announces final book in her 'Tattooist' trilogy, 'Three Sisters'

Heather Morris announces final book in her 'Tattooist' trilogy, 'Three Sisters'

Heather Morris has announced Three Sisters, the final book in her 'Tattooist of Auschwitz' series. The novel will be publishing via Echo in September, in paperback, audio and eBook formats.

Three Sisters is the real life story of sisters Cibi, Magda and Livia, who as young women survived the horrors of Auschwitz during the Second World War. After liberation they made new lives for themselves in Israel. Livia and Magda are still alive and living in Israel today, and chose Heather Morris to tell their story.

Heather recalls,

‘I never thought I could find a tale as powerful and overwhelmingly beautiful as those of Lale and Cilka, but a story found me. The day I flew from Johannesburg to Tel Aviv to meet 93-year-old Livi I had no idea what I would discover. The moment I walked into Livi’s apartment, greeted with hugs from her, once again changed my life. I am truly humbled to be writing the story of the Three Sisters. I thank Livi and Magda for trusting me to tell their story, and for taking the time, over so many hours, to tell it to me. I’m sad that I never met Cibi, but I thank the families of all three sisters, I think I’ve met most of them, for welcoming me into the family, supporting and guiding me as I write.’

Heather Morris will also embark on a national tour in October to support Three Sisters.