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Ginnie & Pinney Learn and Grow is set for a TV adaptation

Ginnie & Pinney Learn and Grow is set for a TV adaptation

Big Sky Publishing have announced that their award-winning children’s series Ginnie & Pinney Learn and Grow is set to become a television series.

Brought to you by award winning author and animators Penny Harris and Winnie Zhou, the 8 book series was released in late 2020 and follows the various daily problems and solutions of their characters to encourage conversations around emotional and social issues.

The series will be developed by Moody Street Productions for both domestic and international distribution.

The Managing director of Moody Street Productions, Gillian Carr said ‘We are excited to introducing a new audience to the world of Ginnie & Pinney and there whimsical and fun approach to bringing empathy and understanding to the world of our children and their parents!’

Additionally, in 2021 the series will release a 52 Learning Emotions Flashcard pack and 4 exclusive hardback titles.

 Checkout the trailer for the series here: