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Gabrielle Wang is the new Australian Children's Laureate

Gabrielle Wang is the new Australian Children's Laureate

The Australian Children’s Laureate Foundation have appointed Gabrielle Wang as the new Australian Children’s Laureate for 2022-23.

Wang is an accomplished artist and writer of over 20 books which contain elements of Chinese culture, philosophy and mythology and is the seventh Laureate to be appointed since 2008 when the program began.

As Laureate, Wang will act as the national ambassador for reading and Australian children’s literature. Her role will involve speaking on behalf of and representing the publishing industry, educators, librarians and booksellers to promote the importance of reading and the power of story in children’s lives.

Laureates are appointed every two years, and each have a theme for their two-year term – Gabrielle’s is Imagine A Story which will explore issues of ‘Imagination, Cultural Diversity, Visual Literacy, and Audiobooks and Reading Aloud.’

Gabrielle Wang noted the importance of story, stating: ‘When I was young my father used to say, “What can you learn from a story? They’re just made up.” I didn’t say anything, but I knew he was wrong. Stories have the power to change us on the inside.’

Wang added, ‘Through story we can be inside the head of someone else, even someone with a different culture or way of life to our own. By reading books about diverse characters by diverse authors, young people can not only gain knowledge but also learn tolerance and empathy.’

An event to honour Wang’s new role as Laureate will be held at the State Library today.

For further information about the Children’s Laureate, please see their website here.