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An official Frank Zappa colouring book is coming out in November

An official Frank Zappa colouring book is coming out in November

Funtoon Publishing have announced a Frank Zappa colouring book, created by David Calcano and Lindsay Lee and officially sanctioned by the Zappa estate. 

Releasing November 5, The Frank Zappa Colouring Book is a collection of 72 interactive illustrations paying tribute to the influential experimental musician. The drawings will contain references and easter eggs from across Zappa's eclectic. decade-spanning career. 

Starting with his 1966 debut Freak Out! with his band Mothers of Invention, Frank Zappa made a name for himself as a genre-spanning, multi-talented artist, with his creative works including music, film and art. 

One of Zappa's sons, Ahmet Zappa, said of the project: 

"I'm blown away. This entire project brings the biggest smile to my face. People who don't like coloring books, I fear, are dead inside. I'm so happy the Zappa Coloring Book exists, and I worship David Calcano and his team at Fantoons. They make everything better."

This isn't the first rock-and-roll project from Funtoon; also arriving soon from the publisher is the Rush-themed graphic novel The Making of Farewell to Kings, and a Motörhead-themed find-and-seek book tributing the late Lemmy.