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Sink your teeth into the first glimpse of BBC's new Dracula series

Sink your teeth into the first glimpse of BBC's new Dracula series

Thanks to some brand new photos from the set of the BBC's and Netflix's adaption of Dracula, we're even more ready to sink our teeth into this one. 

We've got our first glimpse of Danish actor Claes Bang (The Square) in the starring role, confirming (judging by the costuming) that the show will stick to the original novel's setting of 1897. Aside from that, it's unclear how much of the original this adaption will take on. 

Last year it was announced that Stephan Moffat and Mark Gatiss of the BBC's much beloved Sherlock series will be responsible for the adaption. Since then we've learned that Johnny Campbell (Westworld), Damon Thomas (Killing Eve, Penny Dreadful) and Paul McGuigan (Sherlock) are each on board to direct one of the series' three feature-length episodes. 

We've also got some new casting details including Jonathan Aris (SherlockBlack Mirror), Sacha Dhawan (The Great), Nathan Stewart-Jarret (Misfits), Catherine Schell (Doctor Who), Youssef Kerkour (Jack Ryan) and Clive Russel (Game of Thrones). It's unclear who among these will make up the Children of Light, including the dynamic power couple of Jonathan and Mina Harker. 

Rest assured, Netflix will be bringing this brand new Dracula to Aussie screens big and small some time in 2020.