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The first book on coronavirus is nearly here

7/08/2020 2:01 PM
The first book on coronavirus is nearly here

Covid-19: What you need to know about the coronavirus and the race for the vaccine by award-winning science journalist, Dr. Michael Mosley, will be released this Friday and is now available for pre-order.

The book has been written and published in record time, with most science-based books taking significantly longer in the publishing process. The book collates all the current available information, including a detailed and fascinating understanding of the secrets of coronavirus, how it spreads, how it infects individuals, and how our immune systems attempt to fight it.

Dr. Mosley has written the book with access to leading experts, allowing him to delve into the ongoing search for effective treatments and the race to create a vaccine, which will ultimately be the only way we defeat the coronavirus for good.

Dr. Mosley also focuses on what you can do to help yourself throughout this ongoing pandemic. This includes eating healthily, sleeping well, exercising and keeping on top of your stress and mental wellbeing. These factors will keep your body and immunity in the best position to fight off the coronavirus.

The book has been called ‘an incredibly readable summary of the latest research. A magical mixture of scientific realism and reasoned hope,’ by Dr. Mathew Vadas, Professor of Medicine and leading immunologist at the Centenary Institute and University of Sydney.

Mosley has written various books and is well-known for a dedication to science and a practical approach to it. He studied medicine before becoming a journalist and television presenter.

His other books include The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet, The Clever Guts Diet, The Fast 800, and Fast Asleep.