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Pan Macmillan announce Elton John's official autobiography, titled 'Me'

Pan Macmillan announce Elton John's official autobiography, titled 'Me'

Coinciding with his birthday, Elton John and Pan Macmillan have announced the title, cover and release date for 'Me', his first and only official autobiography. It is due for release on October 15th. 

Written by Elton John alongside music critic and writer Alexis Petridis will recount the life of the Grammy-award-winning musical powerhouse, including his friendships with fellow musicians John Lennon, Freddie Mercury and George Michael, his struggles with drug addiction, and the estalishment of his AIDS foundation. 

Elton John said of the autobiography: 

"I'm not prone to being a nostalgic person. I'm often accused of only looking forward to my next gig or creative project. It's come as quite a surprise how cathartic I am finding the process of writing my memoirs. As I look back, I realise what a crazy life I have had the extreme privilege of living. I have grown up in a period of extraordinary change in our world - and have had the joyful honour of rubbing shoulders and working with so many of the people at the heart of these changes. My life has been one helluva rollercoaster ride and it's still lumbering on. I hope readers will enjoy the ride too."

The autobiography comes off the back of the success of Rocketman, the filmic dramatisation of Elton John's life, staring Taron Egerton. 

You can pre-order the book ahead of it's October 15th release here

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