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Bruce Pascoe's Dark Emu is coming to TV

4/04/2020 8:16 PM
Bruce Pascoe's Dark Emu is coming to TV

Following Bruce Pascoe's latest book Salt, Sydney production company Blackfella Films have announced they are turning his award-winning book Dark Emu into a television documentary series. 

Airing on ABC next year, the series will be written by Pascoe as well as Jacob Hickey, directed by Erica Glynn, and produced by Darren Dale and Belinda Mravicic. 

Dark Emu aims to dispel the colonial myths of Indigenous Australlians, such as their classification as 'hunter-gatherers'. Misconceptions such as these have been used since colonisation to justify the continual disposession of Aboriginal Australians. Pascoe provides a myriad that suggests systems of food production and land management were present pre-colonisation - evidence that suggests a new look at Australia's past is needed. 

Since being acquired by Magabala Books in 2014, Dark Emu has been printed over 28 times, has won three awards (Book of the Year & Indigenous Writer's Prize in the 2016 NSW Premier's Literary Awards, Inaugural choice for the Parliamentary Book Club in 2019) and been shorlisted for two awards. A younger readers edition, Young Dark Emu, was released earlier in the year alongside Salt, a collection of stories and essays by Pascoe.