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Dan Brown to make his picture book debut

4/11/2020 3:05 PM
Dan Brown to make his picture book debut

Dan Brown of The Da Vinci Code fame will publish his first children’s book this year, bringing in elements of music and technology in order to create a full experience for his new, young readers. 

Wild Symphony will be released on 1 September in 21 countries, with the US committing to a first printing of 150,000 copies through Rodale Kids, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books. 

It will be illustrated by Hungarian artist, Susan Batori. 

In the book, protagonist Maestro Mouse will visit a variety of animal friends, with each one introducing a concept of mindfulness and compassion along the journey. 

A series of musical compositions will be released alongside the book, meaning children can either read along traditionally or while listening to the intended accompanying score. 

The music will be available via a smartphone app, which will use augmented reality to play the intended song for each page of the book when a smartphone camera is held over it. 

The app can be downloaded for free or accessed via a QR code in the book. 

‘I love storytelling, and my novels always attempt to weave together varied themes. With Wild Symphony I was excited to build on this idea and create a truly layered experienced by using three different languages simultaneously – art, music, and words,’ Dan Brown has said.

Brown has been interested in music his entire life but has not released any since the publication of his first novel, Digital Fortress in 1998.

Classical music publisher Boosey & Hawkes will distribute the printed music. 

A performance of the symphony is being planned by the Zagreb Festival Orchestra in Croatia.

The album itself will be simultaneously released in September at the same time as the book, Wild Symphony.