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Clive James, author of 'Unreliable Memoirs', has passed away aged 80

4/04/2020 9:02 PM
Clive James, author of 'Unreliable Memoirs', has passed away aged 80

Writer, broadcaster and one of Australia's most beloved cultural exports Clive James has passed away aged 80. A statement on his website today confirmed he passed away at his Cambridge home on Sunday, and a funeral was held on Wednesday. 

His death follows a nine-year battle with leukaemia and emphysema, which he was diagnosed with in 2010. He wrote prolifically until the end, publishing eight books since his diagnosis, and since 2017, writing a weekly column for The Guardian where he tackled his own mortality. 

James wrote many celebrated works spanning poetry, essays, memoirs and novels. He's perhaps best known for his first autobiograpy Unreliable Memoirs, a reflection on his upbringing and Australian heritage. 

In the 70s, James began writing and presenting for many British television programs, including Fame in the 20th Century and his travel program Postcards From ... UK personalities such as Stephen Fry and Eric Idle payed tribute to James on Twitter. 

Just prior to his death, James finished an autobiographical anthology titled The Fire of Joy, which will be published in 2020.