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Children's Book Awards Shortlist Announced

Children's Book Awards Shortlist Announced

A fabulous list of Australian authors have been shortlisted for this year’s Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards.

The shortlisted titles are as follows:

Older readers

Younger readers

Early childhood

  • Heads and Tails: Insects by John Canty
  • The Dress-Up Box by Patrick Guest, illus by Nathaniel Eckstrom
  • Rainbow Bear by Stephen Michael King
  • Noni the Pony Rescues a Joey by Alison Lester (gr rated 5 stars)
  • Tricky’s Bad Day by Alison Lester
  • Here Comes Stinkbug! by Tohby Riddle

Picture books

  • The Feather by Margaret Wild, illus by Freya Blackwood
  • The Mediterranean by Armin Greder (gr highly recommended)
  • Girl on Wire by Lucy Estela, illus by Elise Hurst
  • Chalk Boy by Margaret Wild, illus by Mandy Ord
  • The All New Must Have Orange 430 by Michael Speechley
  • Cicada by Shaun Tan (gr rated 5 stars)

Eve Pownall Award for Information Books

  • Bouncing Back: An Eastern Barred Bandicoot Story by Rohan Cleave, illus by Coral Tulloch
  • The Happiness Box: A wartime book of hope by Mark Greenwood, illus by Andrew McLean
  • Waves by Donna Rawlins, illus by Mark Jackson & Heather Potter
  • Make Believe: M C Escher for kids 
  • Our Birds: Ŋilimurruŋgu Wäyin Malanynha by Siena Stubbs
  • Sorry Day by Coral Vass, illus by Dub Leffler

Crichton Award for New Illustrators

  • Australian Birds by Matt Chun
  • Grandma Z by Daniel Gray-Barnet
  • Dingo by Claire Saxby, illus by Tannya Harricks
  • The Singing Seal by Merv Lamington, illus by Allison Langton
  • Carmichael’s Journey by Shelly Fussell, illus by Samantha Metcalfe
  • Red House, Blue House, Green House, Tree House! by Jane Godwin, illus by Jane Reiseger

The winners will be announced  on 16 August 2019.