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Channing Tatum to publish picture book, The One and Only Sparkella

Channing Tatum to publish picture book, The One and Only Sparkella

Actor Channing Tatum, known for his role in the 'Magic Mike' series, has announced he's publishing his first book in the form of The One and Only Sparkella, inspired by his relationship with his daughter.

Illustrated by Kim Barnes, the book follows Ella learning to dress and act like how she wants at school, with help from her supportive father. Although a fictional story, it's inspired by Tatum's relationship with his daughter Everly, born in 2013. In an interview with Forbes about the book, Channing Tatum said,

'It really has turned into kind of one of my favorite projects I've ever done. 'I really didn't intend to be an author ever, especially a kids' book author. And then you have a kid and life changes and things teach you and they teach you. My experience with having a daughter, I was really nervous about being a dad and being a girl dad. Not knowing so much what her experience in this world is going to be and how was I going to relate to her.'

Tatum has said that he has already written the second book in the series, and has plans for a third book and even non-book entries.

'It's kind of growing man,' says Tatum. 'It seemed to be like a side project, but now it's become a bigger thing. I've been toying around with an idea of a film but we'll see.  I think once we build this little universe out more and more, I think they're even going to get more I'm hoping magical and surreal or magical realism or whatever the new catchphrase is for that sort of term now. It's too cool of a world to play in and Sparkella is such a fun little character that I definitely don't want to stop creating in a world just yet.'

The One and Only Sparkella by Channing Tatum and Kim Barnes is available 27 July via Pan Macmillan. Pre-order here!