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Actor and comedian Celeste Barber is set to star in the Netflix dramedy 'Wellmania'

7/02/2022 10:43 PM
Actor and comedian Celeste Barber is set to star in the Netflix dramedy 'Wellmania'

Actor and comedian Celeste Barber is set to executive produce and star in the eight-episode series ‘Wellmania’, which is inspired by the book Wellmania: Misadventures in the Search for Wellness by author Brigid Delaney.

The story follows the character Liz who begins to rethink her fast lifestyle after having a health crisis. As a result she begins a wellness journey in the hopes of regaining her old lifestyle quickly.

The series will be filmed in the Sydney and the project will be produced by Fremantle Australia, with Chris Oliver-Taylor and Warren Clarke also executive producing the series.

Bree-Anne Sykes is the producer, and Benjamin Law and Belinda King are co-executive producers who will also run the writing team.

Celeste Barber is a well known social media personality who parodies celebrities. She has a following of 8.5 million on Instagram and has previously appeared in shows such as ‘Home and Away’ and ‘All Saints’.

‘Wellmaina’ will be her second role with Netflix, and Barber said with regards to the project ‘I’m drawn to projects that centre around interesting, dynamic and complex lead female characters and that’s exactly what Wellmania is. I’m stoked to be working with Netflix and tell this Australian story to an international audience, and to also be an executive producer so I can boss people around.”