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Carlos Ruiz Zafón dies, age 55

7/08/2020 3:38 PM
Carlos Ruiz Zafón dies, age 55

Carlos Ruiz Zafón, author of The Shadow of the Wind, has passed away at age 55.

He died in Los Angeles, his home of 26 years, after suffering from cancer for a number of years.

Zafón was best known for The Shadow of the Wind, his first adult book and an international hit that was published in 50 different countries.

It was the first in a four-part cycle that featured a prequel and two sequels, known collectively as ‘The Cemetery of Forgotten Books’.

Zafón grew up in Barcelona in the 1960s, living in a flat right near the Sagrada Família basilica. The famous design of the basilica was often included in his writing, although usually with dragons and other mythical creatures surrounding it.

Zafón studied information technology, and also had a strong passion for cinema. He wrote several screenplays throughout his life, but made a true name for himself through literature. 

He worked briefly in advertising before beginning his writing career with the young adult novel, The Prince of Mist. Published in 1993, it was critically acclaimed and won several awards.

Zafón continued to write young adult fiction up until the publication of The Shadow of the Wind in 2001. It was translated to English in 2004, and went on to sell over a million copies in the UK, having already been highly successful in Europe.

A number of Spanish public figures have given their condolences via Twitter, including writer and translator Elvira Sastre Sanz, who recalled reading Zafón’s books ‘hidden among the textbooks in the middle of exams. I couldn’t let them go.’

‘Let’s give his books as gifts: it is the best tribute,’ she added


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