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'Black Girls' novel trilogy is set for a TV adaptation

'Black Girls' novel trilogy is set for a TV adaptation

Jayne Allen's 'Black Girls' trilogy of novels is getting a television adaptation with AGC studios.

Jayne's first novel, Black Girls Must Die Exhausted was published in 2018 and follows Tabitha Walker, a 33-year-old journalist living in Los Angeles, whose life is shaken up when she is diagnosed with a condition related to stress.

Her second novel in the trilogy, Black Girls Must Be Magic, came out in February and follows on with Tabitha’s life as she navigates a pregnancy. Jayne’s third novel in the trilogy is currently in the works.

Jayne Allen has been confirmed as an executive producer on the TV series, but the studio is still currently searching for a writer.

Jayne announced the news with her followers on Instagram, stating ‘Words cannot express how excited I am to share the news that Tabby Walker, her friends, family and their collective stories are being brought to the screen… It has been such an honor to shepherd this project to this point and I'm so excited that the team is getting bigger, better, and more brilliant!’