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Kickstart your reading with the Australian Reading Hour in September

Kickstart your reading with the Australian Reading Hour in September

If you aren't aware, the Australian Reading Hour is a yearly, cross-industry campaign to promote the benefit of reading to all Australians. The idea is simple – on Thursday the 19th of September, pick up a book and read for an hour. That's it! 

Rachael Johns and Benjamin Law are on board as adult ambassadors, while Mick Elliott, Anthony Field, Karen Manbullo, Sally Rippin and Matt Stanton are all featured as child ambassadors. In the leadup to the Reading Hour the child ambassadors will be sharing their love of reading and encouraging Aussies to get involved. For the first time ever, each child's embassador will also be creating a small book aimed at kids 0-9 years of age, to be published a week before the event. 

It's tough to find time to sit down with a good book when you've got a busy schedule. ARH ambassador Rachael John contends, 

“I think the value of reading is underestimated in our busy lives – we see it as a luxury, something many of us want to do but don’t have much time for, but reading is so important and it deserves us to make it a priority.”

To inspire you to read more, Australian Reading Hour have recently launched the Australian Reading Challenge. It's an interactive platform designed ot help you develop stronger reading habits - you can set goals, easilly track your progress, and set yourself weekly challenges. 

 So if you're struggling to find the time in your busy day to have a read, why not give the Reading Challenge a try - and on Thursday the 19th of September, join the rest of Australia in sitting down with a book for an hour. 

Bookshops, schools and libraries can access material for promotions and events here, and request an appearance from an author ambassador here