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Margaret Atwood's latest book won't be seen till 2114

Margaret Atwood's latest book won't be seen till 2114

Award-winning author Margaret Atwood has contributed a book to a Future Library Trust, an art project designed by Scottish artist Katie Paterson. Although the manuscript is complete, it will be stored away and kept from the public until 2114.

Paterson began her project in 2014, planting a thousand spruce saplings deep in a Norwegian forest, with the intention of growing them for 100 years.

They will be felled in 2114 and turned into paper, which will be used to print 100 previously unseen books written by 100 different authors.

Paterson will commission an author yearly to write a new book for the forest until the completion of the project, meaning Atwood is only the beginning.

Atwood is known for titles such as The Handmaid's Tale and The Testaments, which recently had a shared win of the Booker Prize. 

Her manuscript will be hidden away in a specialist ‘Silent Room’ in Oslo, as part of a new public library opening next year. Manuscripts will be added as they are written across the 100 year period. The public will be able to glimpse the title and author, but none of the writing until the trees are fully-grown and felled.