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Good Reading Can Help Promote Your e-Resources

  As a subscribing library to our Good Reading Resource Hub for Book Lovers or any of our online magazines, we provide free:

          • Prizes for competitions to help direct your readers to your e-resources                                                          
          • Monthly posters to be printed and/or used on your social media and in e-newsletters
          • Generic posters for each digital mag
          • Copy for your e-newsletters to your members
          • Copy for internal email or e-newsletter promotions to your staff
          • Print copies of Good Reading magazine as prizes
          • Recent issues of the magazines with posters and leaflets for display in the library 'Read gr from home!'

Need some digital advertisements for your library website?

Good Reading is able to create digital banners for you to add to your library website, e-newsletters or social media to help promote your e-resources. Just let us know what pixel size you require and send us any specific information or imagery. Contact our Online Resources Manager for more information or to make a request.

Yes, this is a free service for subscribing municipal libraries!


Is your library interested in author visits?

Through our work with Good Reading, Spineout and PK mag, we regularly assist publishers to book authors to attend schools and libraries for talks and events. Simply register your interest with us for this free service for subscribing libraries by contacting our Online Resources Manager 


Need some help getting started with Good Reading Online?

The following tutorials provide helpful hints and navigation instructions. Click on the links below to view them.

Good Reading Resource Hub for Book Lovers Tutorial

Good Reading Online (GRO) Tutorial

Spineout Tutorial



Help engage your library members with e-resources by keeping them up to date on current library competitions to win exciting prizes!

Be sure to also check out the competitions on our website for the chance to win even more!



As well as a monthly magazine devoted to books and reading, Good Reading also produces free e-newsletters to librarians each month. Included is information on the next issue of Good Reading plus a link to all titles featured in the magazine, and news on upcoming literary events.

If you would like to sign up to receive our free e-newsletter, contact our Online Resources Manager 


Creative Ideas

We'd like to help you to get your members using your resources. Here are some out of the box ideas to help you do so:

  • Update your blog each month to let members know when the new issue of gr is online
  • Put a flyer of sticker on the print magazine to say 'This is also available online' (we can provide)
  • Create a landing page for your online resources, explaining what the resource is and how to use it
  • Use gr to help your library book clubs choose their lists
  • Use the posters we've provided to make a display of gr recommended books in your library
  • Get active on Facebook!  Create an account and advertise your events. Let your fans know when the new gr goes online
  • Link to your online databases from your e-newsletter. We can provide copy, such as reviews. Just ask us!
  • Print a list of all the gr romance articles for Library Lovers' Day
  • Run a tutorial on 'finding your next great read' using gr online

Why not drop us a line? We're keen to help you and have plenty of ideas to share.



We want to help! Your input is highly valued and we encourage any queries, feedback or further help to be requested to our Online Resources Manager