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How Does Good Reading Help Libraries?

Good Reading is passionate about books, reading and inspiring kids. Read on to learn about how Good Reading can help your library and members, younger and older. 

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Great reasons to subscribe to Good Reading!



  • Good Reading Resource Hub for Book Lovers
  • Good Reading print and digital magazines
  • SpineOut (an e-zine for young adults)
  • PK mag (an e-zine for primary kids)


Good Reading Resource Hub for Book Lovers

Hundreds of libraries around Australia and New Zealand have subscribed to access the Resource Hub for Book Lovers.

Good Reading Magazine Homepage


Our Resource Hub for Book Lovers allows members and librarians to:

  • Access our digital issues of Good Reading magazine
  • Access SpineOut and PK mag, our e-zines for young adults and primary kids
  • Read all our independent book reviews
  • Enjoy all our articles in an easy to read web format
  • Read all our interviews, Q&As, exclusive extracts and more!
  • Browse the full archive of Good Reading magazine
  • Listen to our Good Reading Podcasts with authors
  • Stay updated on all the latest book news



Libraries can provide access to the Resource Hub for Book Lovers via their website and/or online resources catalogue. This can be done from within the library and from home.


 Good Reading - the magazine for book lovers

Good Reading Magazine Cover


The print issue of Good Reading magazine is subscribed to by hundreds of libraries in Australia and New Zealand. The Good Reading magazine is used extensively by library staff and library members . 

Good Reading is a trusted and useful resource that helps library staff to recommend good books for members and informs them of upcoming books. This can help support your librarians in collection with purchasing popular and well-reviewed books. Good Reading magazine is also helpful for book clubs as it lists recommended books and talking points to kick start discussions.

Good Reading is an informative and highly trusted magazine for members which can help them decide what to read and borrow next. It is an engaging read with interviews, articles, independent reviews and chances to win awesome book prizes,

The digital Resource Hub for Book Lovers is a great complement to the print magazine. Subscriptions to both ensure that members can easily access all our content whenever and however they like.



 SpineOut + PK mag

Our magazines for younger readers allow librarians to engage with and inspire younger members.  SpineOut and PK mag publish creative work from teenagers and children proving opportunities for libraries to ineract with younger members and run competitions.  



SpineOut is a e-zine for young adults focusing on books and reading! It is full of writing, artwork, poetry, book reviews, films, music and so much more.

SpineOut publishes reviews, stories, poetry and artwork by teenagers aged 12-19, inspiring them to be creative and passionate.




PK mag


PK mag is an online magazine for primary kids focusing on sparking any kid's imagination and creativity. It is full of book reviews, creative writing, videos, music, arts and crafts and interactive activities. 

PK mag publishes work by kids aged 7-12 helping to build confidence and a love of reading. 



SpineOut and PK mag provide opportunities to engage with younger members by helping them get published, running competitions and inspiring them. Whilst also helping them choose their next book to read and borrow! These e-zines are also an exciting way to promote your library.

A subscription to Good Reading and our online publications also allows access to our promotional materials, newsletters and support for libraries.


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