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Blueberry Pancakes Forever

Author: Angelica Banks
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ISBN: 9781760110451
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10+, Children & Teenagers / Young Adults, Younger Readers,

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Dealing with a terrible loss at home and faced with unknown danger in the world of story, Tuesday McGillycuddy has to muster all her resources to survive her most challenging adventure yet. Winter has fallen in the world of story, and at Brown Street, Tuesday's typewriter lies silent. Far away in the Peppermint Forest, Vivienne Small fears that she will never again feel the touch of the sun. But when the mysterious Loddon appears in Vivienne's treehouse, he brings with him terrible danger. Without warning, Tuesday is swept up into the world of story as she has never seen it before. In this forbidding and unfamiliar place - and without her beloved dog Baxter at her side - Tuesday becomes Loddon's captive. But who exactly is this strange boy? And will she find a way to defeat him? Read More

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It’s been a year since Tuesday’s father died, but the bleak cloud of gloom that settled on the house at that awful time has not yet lifted. Her mother’s typewriter is covered in dust and Tuesday’s notebooks lie unused. In the world of story, winter has come with a vengeance, covering everything with ice and snow. If ... Read on >

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I was kinda confused to start with, but it is a very well written book. Just not for me ... Review by Kla
(Posted on 7/03/2017)