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Book Post Truck 

Tell me how Book Post works?

We choose a book we love each month and deliver it to you!

You can choose to have one book delivered each month on a rolling subscription (which you can cancel anytime) or you can purchase a 3 month gift subscription for a friend (or yourself!)

So how do I know which book I'll get?

The best bit is you won't! Doesn't it feel good to give up that control?

You won’t know what you’re getting until it arrives on your doorstep at the beginning of each month. Some books will be completely unknown to you and some might be by authors you recognise or have read before but all books will be hot-off-the-press to avoid you already having them on your shelf.

Awww, come on, can you give me a clue on what kind of book I can expect to receive? 

Most of the books we choose will be general fiction so that you're not pushed too far out of your comfort zone. Having said that, we also want to push you a little outside of your comfort zone, especially if it's a book we think like if you give it a try. While our Book Post pick might not always be your cup of tea, we think you’ll always get something out of the reading experience, whether it’s generating a great discussion with a friend or giving you something to think about long after you’ve finished reading it.

And if you haven't enjoyed the book we want to hear from you! Like any good book club we expect there to be a variety of opinions and voices so make sure you jump onto our  Facebook group to share your opinion and read those of others. Sometimes talking about a book with others can make you see it in a different light.

How do you select a book you know everyone will like?

We're not going to lie, picking the right books keeps us up at night. We want everyone to love the book we choose as much as we do but we know it's not always going to be the case.

The books are read and chosen by us, Rowena and Anabel. And we also have the backing of our colleagues at Good Reading and some special reviewers we trust with our whole hearts. 

Did you know Good Reading has been around for 21 years? We can't believe it either, especially since we still look about 21. For 21 years readers have trusted our independent reviews and recommendations. We see Book Post as an extension of what we've already been doing but now we can deliver the books we love straight to your door. How good is that?

How much does it cost and what can I expect to receive?

It's only $35 a month and this includes the book, postage to anywhere in Australia and some special bookish content included to enhance your reading experience. 

How do I learn more about the Book Post selection?

We'll announce our selection HERE on the first day of each month and also share it across our socials. Make sure you jump on to our Facebook page to join in the conversation. And follow us on Instagram if that's your jam. 

For us, talking about books with other book lovers is just as much fun as reading them!

When should I expect my book to arrive?

You should receive your order the first week of the month if you order by the 5th of the previous month. For example, if you order on 3 June, you will receive your book the first week of July. If you order on 15 June, you will receive your first book the first week of August.

The world is a crazy place so sometimes things will go awry. If we know books will be delayed we'll let you know. And if you haven't received your book by the 10th of the month then let us know and we'll get on the case immediately. You can call us on 02 9810 2477 or email us HERE.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

When will I be charged?

For monthly subscriptions you will be charged on 7th of each month. For gift subscriptions you'll be charged the whole amount for the 3 months in one go. These charges will appear on your statement as GOOD READING MAGAZINE. 

You mentioned a gift subscription, what's that? 

We also offer 3 month subscriptions as a gift for $105. This is an easy peasy way of giving someone you love (or even yourself) a book a month for the next 3 months. The entire amount is charged the day you subscribe but the deliveries end after 3 months so if you've fallen in love with it you'll need to buy a new subscription to keep it going. You can subscribe to a gift subscription HERE.

But I already have so many books, do I really need another one sent to me each month? 

Ummm. Yes? You're talking to book lovers who don't believe we can ever have too many books.

But seriously, the difference with this subscription service is that it's hand-picked by Good Reading and delivered straight to your door. No umming and ahhing at the bookshop, no asking your friends if they've read it and do they think you'd like it.* 

* We can't actually guarantee these bookish behaviours will stop when a subscription is purchased. 

Alrighty, I'm in. How do I order? 

Congratulations! Today is your day!

You can order your monthly or gift subscription HERE.

Can I skip a month?

Sure can. Let us know before the 5th of the month and we can pause your subscription starting from the following month. To do this call us on 02 9810 2477 or email us HERE.   

My book is damaged, what do I do?

If you receive a damaged or defective book, please let us know so we can send you a replacement or refund as soon as possible. You can call us on 02 9810 2477 or email us HERE.

I already have this book, can I get a refund? 

Unfortunately not. We choose new releases to make sure you're getting the books hot-off-the-press and to minimise the chances of you already having it. We're not sure how you got the book ahead of time but you must be a magician ... or a bookseller. 

And before you ask, unfortunately we can't refund the book if you didn't like it. While we do our best to choose books we think will have a wide appeal we don't have a crystal ball or a magical algorithm that tracks you and your interests. We're just people, reading books and sharing the ones we like. Word of mouth is as old as time and actually still THE best way to find a great book so hopefully we'll get it right most of the time.

But if you are disappointed with our pick let us know why and share your opinions on our Facebook page. Let's get a great conversation going! 

What is your shipping policy?

Standard shipping will arrive in 3-9 business days if you are located in VIC, NSW, ACT, SA or QLD and will arrive in 5-12 business days if you are located in NT, WA or TAS. This is what we're told and we remain ever positive. 

If you have not received your order by the 10th of the month, please let us know by calling us on 02 9810 2477 or emailing us HERE.

Unfortunately our carrier does not ship to PO Boxes so please use a street address only. If you're not at home to receive your delivery, the carrier will contact you to make other delivery arrangements. 

How do I track my order?

If you have not received your order by the 10th of the month, please let us know by calling us on 02 9810 2477 or emailing us HERE.

Do you ship Worldwide?

We only ship to Australia at the moment.

I placed the wrong order. Can I cancel or change?

Yes you can, as long as you contact us before we dispatch. Let us know what’s happened by calling us on 02 9810 2477 or emailing us HERE.

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

You can change or cancel your subscription by calling us on 02 9810 2477 or by emailing us HERE.   

This would be perfect for my book club. How can I organise a subscription for all of us? 

What a great idea! Unfortunately we can only service individual subscriptions at the moment so it's best to get your members to do it individually. It also means you don't have to be the mother hen of the group and chase everyone's orders if they go missing. 

I have a question that hasn’t been answered here.

No problem! Call us on 02 9810 2477 or drop us an email HERE.

Where can I send general feedback?

Drop us a line on 02 9810 2477 or email us HERE. We’d love to hear from you!

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