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The Floods
The Floods
A laugh-out-loud series from the ingenious mind of much-loved children's author Colin Thompson! Ne...

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The Secret of the Swords - Frances Watts

Tommy, a kitchen girl at Flamant Castle, dreams of becoming a knight - and when she is made the Keeper of the Blades, caring for all the swords in the castle armoury, it seems like her dream might come true. But then Sir Walter's most valuable sword goes missing from the sword room...

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Mouseheart - Lisa Fiedler

Hopper is just an ordinary pet shop mouse before he escapes. Soon he finds himself below the bustling streets of Brooklyn, deep within the web of transit tunnels, and in Atlantia, a glorious utopian rat civilization.But all is not what it seems. Firstly, there are cats everywhere in Atlantia, cats that would normally eat a rodent before you could blink, yet strangely leave the citizens unharmed and no one can answer why...

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Angel Arias - Marianne de Pierres

Retra - now called Naif - has escaped from Ixion, the island of ever-night. She doesn't know if her friends on the island survived the battle between the Ripers and the rebels. But she does know that she must return home, behind the sealed walls of Grave, to find out why the Ripers have been seen there talking to the councillors...

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Stresshead - Allayne Webster

I'm toast. I'm burnt toast. I'm the charcoal you scrape off the toast with your knife. OMG! Year Eleven results are out today, my boyfriend is MIA and my mum is acting totally weird. I'd turn to my BF Kat, but her life has suddenly gone from hero to zero...

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POD - Stephen Wallenfels

I'm all cried out. I'm still alone. The sky is full of giant spinning black balls that kill anyone stupid enough to go outside. Now I sit in the car, staring out the window like a rat in a cage.When the cataclysm strikes, twelve-year-old Megs is trapped in a hotel carpark in LA...

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We Can Be Heroes - Catherine Bruton

My dad was killed in the 9/11 attacks in New York. But the stuff in this book isn't about that. It's about the summer my mum went away. The summer that me and Jed and Priti tried to catch a suicide bomber and prevent an honour killing. There's stuff about how we built a tree house and joined the bomb squad; how I found my dad and Jed lost his; and how we both lost our mums then found them again...

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William Bligh - Michael Sedunary

'William Bligh: a stormy story of tempestuous times unpeels the layers of some of the most incredible circumstances in Australia's colonial history. Some people may have heard of the famous Mutiny on the Bounty; others may have heard of the Rum Rebellion coup; but the details in and around these events are largely unknown and truly extraordinary...

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The Mandarin Code - Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann

Politics peeled bare. The second darkly satirical thriller from the authors of The Marmalade Files. POLITICS JUST GOT DEADLY. A body pulled from the murky waters of Lake Burley Griffin links Canberra, Beijing and Washington in a titanic struggle where war is just a mouse click away...

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Bear and the Wildcat - Kazumi Yumoto

Country of Origin: Japan One day, Bear was crying. His best friend, a little bird, was dead. A beautiful picture book about loneliness, loss and grief that ends with a positive new beginning...

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Garden of the Purple Dragon - Carole Wilkinson

Ancient China, Han Dynasty. Ping thinks she is safe hiding in the shadow of the Tai Shan mountains. Here she struggles to care for Kai, the baby dragon she is responsible for. But even in her remote mountain hideout, Ping's enemies find her. It is Kai they want...

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What were some of your favourite books when you were growing up? My favourite books varied with my age, but it would have gone in this order as I got older: 'The William' books by Richmal Crompton (I was very disappointed, in fact shocked, when I discovered that Richmal Crompton was a woman). Then...

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