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First Words - Spanish

Author: Lonely Planet Kids
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ISBN: 9781786573162
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Non-Fiction, Travel & Holidays,



Help young children unlock the Spanish language while travelling with First Words Spanish. Brought to you by Lonely Planet Kids, an imprint of Lonely Planet, the world's leading travel guide and phrasebook publisher, this is a beautifully illustrated introduction to the Spanish language. Get the whole family prepared for and excited about an upcoming trip by learning 100 travel-relevant Spanish words - from food and transport, to animals, weather and amenities. Each double page features one word with a simple pronunciation guide paired with a bold, fun illustration to give the word a context that will make remembering the new vocabulary that much easier and fun! This book a must-pack addition for any Spanish-speaking destination. Read More

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First Words: Spanish by Lonely Planet Kids Readers won’t learn any full sentences from the books, but mastering 100 basic words is a pretty good start nonetheless. And knowing how to say the words for ‘train station’, ‘doctor’ or ‘bank’, and getting pointed in the right direction, could make the di... Read on >

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