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ABC for Kids Party Book

Author: Gabriella Alessi
Imprint: ABC Kids Books
Binding: Paperback
This title is suitable for ages 3+
Featured in the March, 2003 magazine
(Highly recommended)

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Australian author
ABC for Kids Party Book

Publisher's synopsis:

The essential handbook for throwing fabulous themed birthday parties for children. Modern, inspiring and lots of fun. Full of creative ideas and simple suggestions for eight popular party themes. Perfect for the busy adult. Choose from eight of the most popular party themes including: Teddy Bears' Picnic Fairies and Elves Jungle Fun Beautiful Bugs Fairy Tales Spooky Party Treasure Island Adventure and a very special Disco Dance party This book provides step-by-step guidance for the creation of novelty invitations, decorations, dress ups, healthy food and drinks, games, unique take-home treats and delightful, easy-to-make birthday cakes. Features a Checklist Countdown starting four weeks two weeks one week the day before the Big Day makes party planning a breeze! The comprehensive Survival Guide helps both adults and kids get the most out of the big day. Includes lots of opportunities to involve the birthday child in the party preparation and anticipation.

Book review:

The ideas are fresh and practical and complemented by clear illustrations and wonderful ahppy photographs.

Review by: Merle Morcom


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