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Cemetery Lake

Author: Paul Cleave
ISBN: 9781863255981
Imprint: Bantam Australia
Binding: Pbk
Featured in the March, 2009 magazine
(Highly recommended)

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Cemetery Lake

Publisher's synopsis:

A standard exhumation becomes anything but for private investigator Theodore Tate, when bodies begin bubbling to the surface of the cemetery lake. Tate knows he has to let it go and let his former colleagues in the police deal with it. But when the coffin is opened and its occupant is not the old man supposed to be inside, he knows he cannot walk away. He can't let the police keep digging either, because they are getting dangerously close to digging up the real truth: the truth about him. With the evidence mounting against him, Tate must stay ahead of the police and out of jail in order to find a killer. A killer who could turn Tate into the very man he despises.

Book review: impressive novel from a talented writer.

Review by: Craig Sisterson


Fiction Crime

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