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Animal Architects

Author: John Nicholson
ISBN: 9781741142631
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Binding: Pbk

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Australian author
Animal Architects

Publisher's synopsis:

A wombat scoops and sweeps with powerful paws to dig an underground maze. A titmouse winds and weaves grasses to build a sturdy padded nest... with a drawbridge. Animal Architectsshows creatures that tunnel, bore wood, weave, and mould clay; animals that adjust for temperature and comfort, make bolt holes for times of danger, store food for their offspring. It celebrates the engineers and architects of the animal world.


Award: Winner, Children's Book of the Year Awards Year: 2004 Prize: Eve Pownall Award for Information Books


Prize Winning Australian, Prize Winning Children's Books, Prize Winning


Children's Children's Non Fiction

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